Outsider art painting – Neo-primitivism art – Self-taught

“Outsider art painting – Neo-primitivism art – Self-taught”


“My painting is like a trace of my short life ; as the ancients etch in the stone”

These last paintings of Thierry Virton are the synthesis of many years of work and researches. After a very long time of experiments in all compartments of plastic art, he give us his vision of his inconscious self, often landscaped, which automatic and narrative drawings are the symbols. His creations are the result of the interaction of a spontaneous gestual drawing and colorful surfaces. He tell us about the passage of time – the life and death relationship – and our obsession of the traces we want to engrave in the Human story ; like our ancestors did through the cave art. Each drawing  is a cry of his short life, a futile attempt to say : “i am still alive ; i was here. My painting is a trace of my present.”


Outsider art painting gallery – 2018 – 2019


bluelife-virton-outsiderartpainting-self-taught-primitivism-humanfigure-narrativepaintingOutsider art painting gallery – 2018


newway-virton-outsiderartpainting-self-taught-primitivism-humanfigure-narrativepaintingOutsider art painting gallery – graffiti – 2018