Thierry Virton, painting with ink and graffiti

Ink and graffiti, the center of his artistic universe

Thierry Virton’s latest ink paintings are the synthesis of many years of work and research with alcohol and acrylic inks. After a very long period of experimentation in all compartments of plastic art, he delivers the vision of his unconscious self, often colorful and landscaped, filled with narrative graffiti. His ink arworks on canvas are the result of the interaction between spontaneous gestural graffiti and ink painting. He speaks to us about the passage of time and our obsession with the traces that we want to engrave in the history of Art; as our ancestors already did through cave art. Ink and graffiti are the essential elements of his artistic fantasy and his imaginary universe.

Inks and graffitis artworks 2022

Alcohol and acrylic ink on canvas

Alcohol and acrylic on paper