Universe of ink and graffiti – 2022

Alive colored and spontaneous ink painting

Paint in total freedom without concept, just enjoy the moment : here and now

I draw my inspired sources in my inconscious sefl, in total freedom. My imaginary, often landscaped, is the result of an intimate connection between Life and Death. I represent a sort of dreams, as visions of an unknown world. I could say, by a misnomer, that i am a “primitive” painter, as his environmental and philosophic meaning. the work of the inks induces a modified state of consciousness which gives me access to this “primitive” state.

Virton discovered inks in 2005 when he found it impossible to use therebentine in his oil paintings. Progressively, a new world opened up to him, that of light and transparency. Fascinated by color, he continues his research and experimentation and over the years, inks impose themselves in his artistic work with force. He acquires a new pictorial philosophy where the present moment is primordial.

Automatic child drawing and graffitis

Draw like a child, try to be in the present, with an instinctive and primitive gesture

If the painting would be only a child job? Looking child painting in my workshop, i realize my teaching could become castrating and in fact unproductive. Why avoid carelessness and spontaneity in these small absolute pure creators. Is there something more pleasing than a child painting, more innocent than an automatic drawing without change, whose pure colors are chosen in a total instinctive and unconscious way? Today, my painting is borning in an intinctive archaic way, following the incredible easyness child painting.

After many years without involvement in his drawing, thierry virton has developed a varied graphic vocabulary, figurative or not. The line has become very instinctive and gestural, free of any constraint; or on the contrary very precise and more or less figurative. In both cases, the aim is to explore the possibilities of drawing as a spontaneous and highly automated means of expression. The canvas is filled with this multiple writing like graffiti that piles up on the same surface. The canvas offers two levels of reading: the first is an overall reading essentially chromatic; the second invites to approach it and to discover an idealized and playful imaginary world.