Artistic approach – Neo-primitivism – Outsider art – Self-taught

fishiesinsky-virton-outsiderartpainting-primitivism-self-taught-humanfigure-narrativepaintingAlive colored and spontaneous outsider painting

To paint in freedom without concept

“I draw my inspired sources in my inconscious sefl, in total freedom. My imaginary, often landscaped, is the result of an intimate connection between Life and Death. I represent a sort of dreams, as visions of an unknown world. I could say, by a misnomer, that i am a “primitive” painter, as his environmental and philosophic meaning.



fiesta-virton-outsiderartpainting-self-taught-narrativepainting-humanfigure-primitivismAutomatic child drawing

To paint as a child, trying to paint in the present, with instinct and primitive gestual

“If the painting would be only a child job? Looking child painting in my workshop, i realize my teaching could become castrating and in fact unproductive. Why avoid carelessness and spontaneity in these small absolute pure creators. Is there something more pleasing than a child painting, more innocent than an automatic drawing without change, whose pure colors are chosen in a total instinctive and unconscious way? Today, my painting is borning in an intinctive archaic way, following the incredible easyness child painting. ”