Outsider art – freedom painting – 2014 – 2017

My professional experience is marked by a long abstract period until 2010 followed by an alternating between abstract and figurative painting. After 2013, a brutal change had happened which carry me to a new free figurative painting. Today, my work reflect all my experiences, all my thinking about art, painting and life philosophy. The simplicity is now my master. I am looking for the full spontaneous work, without change, without doubt. I believe in my gestural and color way, in simple compositions, necessary ingredients to express and deliver my messages.

Thierry Virton’s artistic approach here is to follow in the footsteps of children and to try, if possible, to approach their spontaneous creativity. The paintings from this period are done very quickly and as freely as possible, using ink colours and Indian ink drawings.

Outsider art painting on paper 2014 – 2015