Outsider Art painting – To paint as a child

L'île d'Oléron - Peinture de paysage - Figuration libre - Art Brut - 2015
Ile d’Oléron – Oléron island landscape – Figuration libre – Outsider Art – 2015

To paint as a child, or conjugate the verb to be in the present


Le port – The harbor – outsider art painting on paper – 2014

I paint since several years in spontaneous way, and i always confronted my work to the child creativity, as so unattainable as so mysterious. Today, i strive for their extraordinary virtuosity, helped, nevertheless, by my experience and knowledge. The simplicity and spontaneity provide the breeding ground of my painting through which i tell a story. The work of Dubuffet and the artistic approach of CoBra art movement reinforce me in this instinctive relationship i always maintain with color and drawing. Actually in the continuation of Figuration Libre, a french art movement, i do my painting with extreme presence.

La cité – The City – outsider art – 2016

Now, i paint preferably on large framed canvas. May be this evolution shows my new perception of the world. In all case, these formats offer enough space to tell the stories i have in my mind. Always in search of new ways of expression, my old abstract painting had become inadequate. Today, i deliver my world vision with total authenticity and unbridled freedom. I practice the meditation before painting. During the creative process, i am very concentrated and i care to be not disturb by anything. I just want to enjoy painting and only delight in this special time devoted to tell my feelings.

My painting is building in contradiction of our obsession for the prediction and the total control of all things in life. I realize that to paint in conscious present with a simple gesture is an original way of art. At first glance, my paintings could be considered as naive or even sweet. But finally, it reveal my deep environmental commitments without concessions. I deliver my messages through a pictorial bittersweet cooking whose reading is like the Russian dolls.

Deauville – figuration libre – outsider art – 2016

My painting is now my true face. It open me to myself. It is that i am as never been before. It places me in present, in the moment of my life. I could say, literally, i am a contemporary artist. This state of mind is becoming my philosophy of life. An ethnic south American people is famous by speaking only in the present. It seems a very happy people. To chew …